About us

Established in 1958

Echevarne Laboratory has always stood out for its technological innovation and adapted to its client's needs,  being one of the main and most advanced laboratories in Europe. More than 750 professionals in 46 centers.

It acts in the areas Clinical (Clinical Analysis, Clinical Studies and Pathological Anatomy), Veterinary and Industrial. It offers its services in practically all of the Spanish territory, besides Portugal and Andorra.


Mission Statements

As a multidisciplinary laboratory, our Mission is to provide professionals and technology at the service of health and wellness of people.

Vision Statements

Echevarne Laboratory’s purpose is to be a reliable partner to its customers, focusing our attention to their needs and facilitating access to our services. The strategic lines to accomplish it are the development of professionals, scientific rigor and customer orientation:

  • Professional development: we are convinced that the businesses are their people. Our main difference is the human resources, and it is why we pay special attention to the education and the continuous improvement. Every professional develops his job aware that behind every sample there is a unique customer.  
  • Scientific rigor that is materialized in constant innovation and pursuit of excellence.  
  • Customer orientation, developing strategies and tools that provide closeness and access to our services.

Values Statements

The values that inspire our work are not just declaration intent. They are the essence of the Laboratory’s culture and guide of our daily work:

  • Trust: it is shown in a style of direction that allows everybody’s inputs, with a unitary purpose, seeking for long-term relationships based on loyalty and mutual interests.
  • Personal and professional excellence as a habit, as a result of the effort and perseverance that is required for constant improvement.
  • Honesty as proof of respect to out collaborators, clients and suppliers. Our activity respects the legal framework and has as a reference the ethical aspects of our scope of work.
  • Passion, because in order to do extraordinary things it is necessary to be enthusiastic about the job, which seeks to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Echevarne Foundation

Non-profit institution investing on research. Its most prominent activity is Echevarne National Oncology Award (VI editions), focused on incentivating research in oncology field.