Autologous Regenerative Agent

Personalized treatments based on a concentrate of autologous growth factors sterile acellular (contains platelets and no cell debris) and endotoxin-free, obtained from the patient's blood. Unlike other similar treatments, are made in the laboratory in cleanroom specifically authorized under controlled conditions.

Production takes place under requisition according to Standard Operating Procedure. (SOP) inside clean rooms and under conditions of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Each processing unit is done in batches, ensuring full traceability of samples processed individually. Cleanrooms where product is made are in compliance with the criteria that the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) provides for carrying out the production of advanced cellular therapies.

regulacion            READY FOR USE

               We handle blood collection and production of personalized treatment.

regulacion            SAFETY

               Test to certify a product sterile and pyrogen free.

regulacion            COMFORT

               His single dosage format and frozen preservation brings convenience in arranging appointments.