Range of biostimulation personalized treatments for skin based on a concentration of autologous growth factors, sterile, acellular (contains platelets and no cell debris) and endotoxin-free, obtained from the patient's blood. 

Recommended for:

35-45 years old. 

First signs of aging. 

Fine wrinkles. 

Hydration and loss of skin thickness. 

Slightly photoaged skin. 

Advanced signs of aging. 

While using other treatments (Botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, thread lift ...)

What are the benefits?

Slows aging. 

Improves texture, luminosity and hydration of the skin. 

Diminishes fine wrinkles. 

Delays the appearance of new wrinkles. 

Recovery of young and healthy look.

Slows the progression of aging. 

Improves overall skin condition. 

Ideal filler therapies, as background treatment globally acting supplement. 

Revascularized skin more receptive to other treatments.