Clinical Studies

The Clinical Studies department is a firm support for the pharmaceutical industry through its research, development and innovation work promoted by this industry. To achieve this, it has incorporated the highest quality standards in its work, achieving a high level of reliability and effectiveness.

The department is made up of four units: Phase I Clinical Trials, Phase II-IV Clinical Trials, Toxicology and Bioanalysis and Pharmaco-genetics. Their work covers most of the stages of the clinical development of a drug. Among its main fields of action, the most important are multi-centre clinical tests, with the support of the central laboratory. Other important areas are Pharmaco-genomics, which studies genetic polymorphisms, microsatellites and in vitro models; and Bioanalysis/Pharmacokinetics, which carries out quantitative analysis of drugs and their metabolites in biological matrices.

All this is done with cutting-edge technology, such as liquid chromatography linked to mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS), qualitative and quantitative PCR in real time and all the technical and analytical facilities of the central Laboratory.