AntiAging Panel

Aging is an endogenous, universal and irreversible action determined by the time, which leads to morphological and physiological changes.

There are two factors involved in the balance of our body:

  • Intrinsic or genetic factor. The genetic information of each is determined to be at the time of fertilization
  • Extrinsic environmental factor. Lifestyles, emotional, mental and physical stress, nutrition and strict environ environment

Antiaging medicine is about finding balance and harmony between these factors studying our body, our genes and our lifestyle and thus achieve wellness and improve the quality of life.

Echevarne offers AntiAging Panel, a customizable panel of analytical testing to assess the functional health status associated with aging processes. It consists of several sections as biochemistry, hematology, oncogenic risk, genetic predisposition to cardiovascular risk and obesity, among others. This test reflects graphically the state of health, to facilitate rapid interpretation of the different parameters analyzed.