CardioChip® Stroke

Price: 255 €
Turnaround time: 40 working days (monday to friday)

Analysis of 11 genetic variants associated directly to myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, and coronary revascularization


Price: 355 €
Turnaround time: 42 working days (monday to friday)

  • Analysis of the 11 genetic variants associated with myocardial infarction, angina pectoris and coronary revascularization
  • Analysis of more than 120 variants associated with classic risk factors that act as modulators of cardiovascular risk
  • Personalized genetic counsel, genetic information and clinical-biochemistry, taking into account the patient's lifestyle

Cardiovascular risk

Nowadays, functions of cardiovascular risk, which examine clinical and analytical aspects of the person (smoking, age, systolic blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes) are used to prevent this disease, classifying the population in different risk categories. However, in Spain, 85% of cardiovascular events occur in people classified as low or moderate risk, which shows that clinical and biochemical factors are insufficient to predict the real risk. 

Therefore, to improve the prediction of individual cardiovascular risk we must consider people's genetic constitution, as this multifactor disease depends both on environmental and genetic factors.

New genetic screening techniques allow comprehensive markers searches that help to detect susceptibility to a disease, diagnosing at an early stage and anticipating the treatment through preventive medicine. As a result, it helps to increase the patient’s life quality and the therapeutic success.

Studies on large populations of cardiovascular patients have revealed a number of genetic polymorphisms associated with cardiovascular risk, notably a series in which that association is independent of the classical risk factors.

Echevarne Laboratory offers a service of predictive and personalized medicine that jointly analyzes genetic, clinical-biochemical information and the people's habits, in order to determine an accurate and specific cardiovascular risk in the long term.