CarioChip®  is a diagnostic tool to analyze human genome to identify large or small chromosomal abnormalities causing congenital or hereditary malformations and/or intellectual disabilities. The DNA of fetal cells or blood of a person is hybridized on a genomic microchip to identify them.

Benefits over conventional techniques:

1. Speed

 Results in one week (depending on sample type and volume).

2. More resolution

 Identifies small genetic alterations undetectable by conventional karyotyping.

3. Higher capacity

Diagnostic interpretation (allows the identification of more than 250 syndromes).

CarioChip® Prenatal

Price: 500€

Turnaround time: 6 working days (monday to friday) (depending on sample volume)

Suitable for:

  • Maternal age older than 35 years.
  • Abnormal Ultrasound Findings.
  • Record of recurrent abortion.
  • Previous gestating conditions.
  • High risk during triple screening.
  • Abnormal fetal karyotype requiring detailed molecular study.
  • Maternal anxiety.
  • Anomalous fetal karyotype. Maternal anxiety. Abortion remains

CarioChip® Postnatal

Price: 750€

Turnaround time: 15 working days (monday to friday) (depending on sample volume)

Suitable for:

  • Dimorphic features or congenital anomalies.
  • Normal karyotype but clinical manifestation (suspecting mental or developmental impairment).
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder or any clinical manifestation compatible with a specific chromosomal abnormality.
  • Abnormal karyotype requiring detailed molecular study to identify balanced translocations limits with clinical manifestation, and duplications and / or deletions, for functional interpretation of the altered regions.