Genetic test prostate cancer

Price: 450 €

Turnaround time: 32 working days (monday to friday)

Echevarne Laboratory provides the first Genetic test to diagnose prostate cancer from a urine sample.

Prostate cancer (PCa) is one of the leading causes of cancer death in men worldwide. Current diagnostic methods are based on the determination of the tumor marker PSA and digital rectal touch as indicators for prostate biopsy. This approach leads to unnecessary biopsies 75%, with cost and inconvenience to the patient.

PCA3 is the first prostate specific gene capable of showing a significant overexpression in tumor cells.

Test utilities:

  • Faced with an elevated PSA or clinical suspicion.
  • Positive family history for prostate cancer.
  • High clinical suspicion a negative biopsy.
  • To determine the aggressiveness of the tumor after a positive biopsy.
  • As a method of monitoring after diagnosing prostate cancer.