Price: 285 €

Turnaround time: 20 - 30 working days (monday to friday)

NutriChip® is a service of preventive and personalized medicine to nutritional advice according to our genetic profile.

Nutrigenetics studying genetic variation governing the response of our body to ingest nutrients and our lifestyles. Knowing the genetic variants and the metabolic activity allows us to adapt our habits to prevent diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol and triglycerides. 

Each body is unique, and therefore not all respond well to diet or exercise. The difference is in the individual genetic load, which determines our response to various environmental factors. This test combines relevant clinical and genetic information in a report of recommendations to determine the most appropriate preventive or therapeutic measure for each case.

Fields of study:

  • The predisposition to overweight, obesity, cardiovascular risk appetite regulation and other associated diseases such as osteoporosis , diabetes, hypertension and low HDL levels.
  • All genes associated with the response to physical exercise and low-calorie diets.
  • Genetic variations associated with specific nutritional needs.
  • The lifestyle habits that can change the genetic predisposition.