Price: 185 €
Turnaround time: 30 working days (monday to friday)

ObesChip®  is an nutrigenomic study that analyzes DNA from a saliva or blood sample which helps in weight control. 

It is based on a DNA biochip and it analyzes a total of 30 polymorphisms in 12 genes directly associated to overweight and obesity predisposition. The results of this test allow to establish a risk index for each of the analyzed fields.

Studied fields


Genetic predisposition to obesity


Energetic balance: Genes related to the absorption, transport, storage and metabolism of fattyacids


Regulation of appetite, satiety and binge eating 


Weight loss in response to physical exercise

ObesChip® allows to customize dietary guidelines and lifestyle recommendations with a greater chance of success because they may make special emphasis on those aspects that genetics is not so favorable.