The Haematology unit offers a haematology service, including haemostats, clotting and special tests. It is in charge of covering the study of blood, measuring the corpuscle shape and the percentage of the erythrocyte series (red), leukocyte series (white) and platelets.

The data obtained can come to be very important in certain pathological situations or greater or lesser clinical significance, always accompanied by cytological and immune-haematological studies.

Another of the Unit's fields of study is clotting, as is the case with the Screening Test, which, accompanied by other special tests, helps to determine disorders in the blood clotting process.


Haemogram and formula
Manual revision of cytomorphological alterations
Cell counts in biological liquids
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)


Cytologic diagnosis in peripheral blood
Cytology in biological liquids
Studies in bone marrow and hematopoietic tissues
Immunocytochemical and immunophenotyping techniques


Coagulation tests
Coagulation factor and protein studies


Study of haemolytic anaemias
Identification of blood groups
Study of irregular antibodies