Food Intolerance 200

Price: 200 € 
Turnaround time: 12 working days (monday to friday)

The food hypersensitivity is an undesirable or not expected reaction that appears after the intake of a particular food. These include the classical allergies (IgE-mediated food allergy) and the so-called food intolerances (non-allergic food hypersensitivity). Most people have some degree of sensitivity to different foods, undetectable without a specific analysis.

The test Food Intolerance 200 is designed to detect the presence of IgG antibodies specific to 216 food extracts, using the immunoblot technique. The determination of antibodies indicates the level of sensitization to different foods and food additives analyzed to recommendations. The results provide valuable information for health professionals and nutritionists suit dietary responses to recommendations.

In the result, each item generates a progress bar of different colors, according to the levels of antibodies shown.

To perform the analysis, a minimum of four hours of fasting is needed, and not taking any drug containing corticosteroids (Urbason, Trigon Depot, Cortidene, Dacortin, Pulmicort...) in the last month.

This test is NOT suitable for:

Lactose intolerance / Diagnosis of celiac disease / Allergy problems

*If there is absence of consumption of any food for the last six months, an intolerance is unlikely to be detected.