The Hormones unit offers the various medical specialists a reliable tool allowing them to cover the different functional aspects of the diseases related to their respective clinical areas from an analytical point of view – largely endocrinology, oncology and prenatal diagnosis.

In the area of endocrinological disease, the unit covers a wide range of serum, plasma, urine and saliva parameters as a matter of routine, making it possible to discover the proper operation of all endocrinological glands and, at the same time, through functional tests, the proper state of all hormone axes.

In the oncology area, our work is largely focused on determining tumor markers that allow clinical oncologists, along with other parameters, to diagnose, characterise and treat patients and to monitor their progress.

In the area of prenatal diagnosis, using biochemical markers as well as scan markers, we can individually establish the risk of pregnancy affected by chromosome disorders in the first trimester and chromosome disorders and neural tube defects in the second trimester.


Analysis of hormones
Detection of antibodies to hormonal receptors
Vitamins and co-factors


Analysis of hormones


Preeclampsia screening
Study of fertility related hormones
Tumour markers
Detection of antibodies against hormone receptors