Food Safety

Food and feed handlers must check and ensure, in all stages of production, transformation and distribution, that their foods or feeds satisfy food-law requirements.
Management of food safety includes all the steps in the food chain and must therefore apply the best tools available to ensure both efficiency and transparency.

In Echevarne we advise the industry in order to reach these objectives and provide the human and technical resources adapted to satisfy every need:
Application and implementation of Management Systems for Quality and Food Safety
- Legal Framework: Prerequisites Programs and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
- Auditable Standards: IFS, BRC, UNE-EN-ISO 22000:2005, PAS220, FSSC 22000

Traceability Management
Analytical testing of food products
- Classical microbiological tests
- Rapid detection of microorganisms by ELISA or PCR
- Physicochemical assays: contaminants (heavy metals, myco-toxins, pesticides, etc.).. - Allergen determination assays (gluten*, milk protein, soy, etc.).
- Molecular biology and genetics assays
- Analysis of drinking water (drinkability)

Control of facilities: clean rooms, surfaces and environments
Result interpretation and result follow-up: trend analysis
- Food labeling
- Studies of commercial life/sell-by-date
- Compliance with legal requirements
- Training in food safety and food handling

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(*) Accredited trials