Medical Centres

Operating room:
- Microbiological test of ambience.
- Microbiological test of surfaces.
- Sterility test on materials.
- Bacterial endotoxins.
- Auto keys verification (spores control).
- Water potability (RD 140/2003).
- Control of Legionella (RD 865/2003).
- Anaesthetic gas control (see: Own Prevention Service).

Own Prevention Service of Medical or Sanitary Centres:
- Anaesthetic gas testing: isoflurans, sevoflurans.
- Ambience test of formaldehid and glutaldehid.
- Air quality: CO, CO2, relative humidity, temperature.
- Other parameters: Legionella, fibres, asbestos.
- Environmental control.

- Sanitary water: potability, Legionella (Micro and/or PCR).
- Waste water: According to legislation and activity.
- Swimming pools (therapeutic use): Legionella and control according to autonomic legislation.
- Air quality: Legionella, Aerobios, physic-chemical profile.
- Testing and validation of hygienization of cooling tower under UNE 100012.

Dialysis Service:
- Profiles determined by the Spanish Society of Nephrology (SEN).
- Chemical parameters.
- Microbiological parameters.
- Bacterial endotoxins (LAL).

Clinics and Hospitals Kitchens:
- Analysis of food, surfaces, environment, handlers, water, allergens, pollutants, etc.

- Implementation consulting or self-control systems for hospital catering.

- Prerequisites and hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP). 

- Validation of treatment and production processes in kitchen (hot and cold line). 

- Audit: best practices, facilities, self-monitoring system, etc.

- Training in food security intended to handlers. - Management of allergens. 

- Assessment of nutritional security. - Development and validation of diets diet therapy. 

- Consulting: Optimization surveillance, support design specifications for raw materials, detection of cross-contamination, support the implementation of appropriate corrective measures, preparation of process indicators, etc.