Sanitary Industry

Bioburden analysis according to the ISO 11737-1:
Method validation and determination of the population of microorganisms on products*.

Sterility test according to ISO 11737-2 on the definition, validation and maintenance of the sterilization processes:
- Validation of the method of control and sterility testing*.

Determination of sterilisation residues in health products: Ethylene oxide, propylene and ethylene chlorohydrin’s

Biocompatibility tests according to the ISO 10 9993 standard:
- Skin sensitisation test.
- Intracutaneous test.
- Cytotoxicity.
- Systemic injection test.
- Haemolysis Test.
- Mutagenesis tests. Ames’ test.
- Implementation test.

Other toxicological tests:
- Dermal irritation test.
- Mucous membrane irritation tests (oral, rectal, vaginal...).
- Acute toxicity (DL50), oral and/or dermal.
- Pyrogens test.
- Endotoxins test (LAL).

Textile control: hydrofobicity, resistance to stretching, enlargement

* Acreditted trials