Echevarne Laboratory offers a new technique for the study of allergic polysensitized patients

Echevarne Laboratory incorporates ImmunoCAP ISAC, a combination of innovative biochip technology and leading research on molecular allergies, allowing to offer one only in vitro diagnosis test in order to measure simultaneously specific IgE antibodies in a wide spectrum of allergen components. The advanced technology allows the measurement of IgE antibodies in one only step and using only 30 ml of serum or plasma. Utility in diagnosis and treatment of…

Determination of all the EMA guide metals, though IPC-MS

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has created a Guideline on the specification limits for residues of metal catalysts or metal reagents that may be present in pharmaceutical substances or in drug products. The European Pharmacopoeia defines requirements for the qualitative and quantitative composition of medicines, the tests to be carried out on medicines and on substances and materials used in their production. The variability of matrices, metals and…

33rd AMVAC VetMadrid 2016 Congress

AMVAC (Madrid Association of Pet Veterinarians) once again hosted the Annual Congress VetMadrid, which presents thirty-third edition. The Congress and the Fair took place on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of March at the IFEMA fair facility in Madrid. VetMadrid 2016 was presented as Medicine and Surgery of the Digestive System and Nutrition. The conference brought together experts from across Europe, USA and Canada. They went through subjects of interest to the…

Echevarne Laboratory offers the test to detect Zika Virus

Zika virus is transmitted mainly through the tiger mosquito, through vector transmission. The risk of transmission is higher when travelers come back from a country where the virus is present. Although transmission between humans is not common, there have been reported cases of sexual transmission of the disease. In most cases, the ZIKV infection shows mild symptoms which are identical to other arboviral diseases like Dengue and Chinkungunya. After an…

1st Cytology Workshop in León

Under the name Oncological Cytology Basis, the Official Veterinary School of León started its 1st Cytology Workshop where, last January 30, our head of the Veterinary Pathological Anatomy Unit, Daniel Borrás Murcia, participated as a speaker. The Workshop was held in the Assembly Hall of the Official Veterinary School in León where, at least 70 professionals attended the conference. The lecture started with a theoretical part where…

Echevarne Laboratory collaborates in Antena 3’s new program

Food Industry
Antena 3 launched last January 23 a new program "Mitos de los alimentos" where Alberto Chicote investigates whether or not some of the most common myths about some foods in our diet are true. Echevarne Laboratory participated in two of the proposed experiments: in the first place, finding out if the orange, once squeezed, loses its Vitamin C over time. Assisted by our Technical Director of the Industrial Area, Juan Antonio Calzado, the vitamin C of an…

46th National Podiatry Congress

Last October Albacete held the 46th National Congress of Podiatry. Dr. David Poyatos, Product Specialist Area Laboratory of Molecular Echevarne, participated in the panel discussion moderated by Dr. Daniel López López (Professor of the School of Podiatry at the University of A Coruña), and was able to share with the audience podiatry applications of Platelet Growth Factors. Dr. Poyatos spoke about the regeneration process of tissue…

Last Gradilla

Available our last Gradilla

We have expanded our Veterinary Pathology Unit

A new pathologist has recently joined our Veterinary Pathology Unit. Nerea Cuesta finished her residency in Veterinary Pathology at the University of Glasgow and has a Master’s Degree in Science (MSc) by the Beatson Institute of Scotland. Nerea has meaningful experience in the pathological diagnosis and has taught practical classes at the School of Veterinary Medicine (University of Glasgow). She has published in national and international journals…

New Laboratory in Almeria

Last September we opened a new laboratory in Almeria. The new facilities are located in Paseo Ribera de las Almadrabillas 1, a busy area which gives us a better visibility and enables us to provide excellent service in the area. This new space at street level, with bright and spacious facilities, makes the visit to the laboratory a more enjoyable experience for our customers while the new workspace provides the technical team easier daily operations.