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33rd AMVAC VetMadrid 2016 Congress

AMVAC (Madrid Association of Pet Veterinarians) once again hosted the Annual Congress VetMadrid, which presents thirty-third edition. The Congress and the Fair took place on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of March at the IFEMA fair facility in Madrid. VetMadrid 2016 was presented as Medicine and Surgery of the Digestive System and Nutrition. The conference brought together experts from across Europe, USA and Canada. They went through subjects of interest to the…

1st Cytology Workshop in León

Under the name Oncological Cytology Basis, the Official Veterinary School of León started its 1st Cytology Workshop where, last January 30, our head of the Veterinary Pathological Anatomy Unit, Daniel Borrás Murcia, participated as a speaker. The Workshop was held in the Assembly Hall of the Official Veterinary School in León where, at least 70 professionals attended the conference. The lecture started with a theoretical part where…

We have expanded our Veterinary Pathology Unit

A new pathologist has recently joined our Veterinary Pathology Unit. Nerea Cuesta finished her residency in Veterinary Pathology at the University of Glasgow and has a Master’s Degree in Science (MSc) by the Beatson Institute of Scotland. Nerea has meaningful experience in the pathological diagnosis and has taught practical classes at the School of Veterinary Medicine (University of Glasgow). She has published in national and international journals…