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Echevarne Laboratory offers a new technique for the study of allergic polysensitized patients

Echevarne Laboratory incorporates ImmunoCAP ISAC, a combination of innovative biochip technology and leading research on molecular allergies, allowing to offer one only in vitro diagnosis test in order to measure simultaneously specific IgE antibodies in a wide spectrum of allergen components. The advanced technology allows the measurement of IgE antibodies in one only step and using only 30 ml of serum or plasma. Utility in diagnosis and treatment of…

Echevarne Laboratory offers the test to detect Zika Virus

Zika virus is transmitted mainly through the tiger mosquito, through vector transmission. The risk of transmission is higher when travelers come back from a country where the virus is present. Although transmission between humans is not common, there have been reported cases of sexual transmission of the disease. In most cases, the ZIKV infection shows mild symptoms which are identical to other arboviral diseases like Dengue and Chinkungunya. After an…

46th National Podiatry Congress

Last October Albacete held the 46th National Congress of Podiatry. Dr. David Poyatos, Product Specialist Area Laboratory of Molecular Echevarne, participated in the panel discussion moderated by Dr. Daniel López López (Professor of the School of Podiatry at the University of A Coruña), and was able to share with the audience podiatry applications of Platelet Growth Factors. Dr. Poyatos spoke about the regeneration process of tissue…