Echevarne Laboratory offers a new technique for the study of allergic polysensitized patients


Echevarne Laboratory incorporates ImmunoCAP ISAC, a combination of innovative biochip technology and leading research on molecular allergies, allowing to offer one only in vitro diagnosis test in order to measure simultaneously specific IgE antibodies in a wide spectrum of allergen components.

The advanced technology allows the measurement of IgE antibodies in one only step and using only 30 ml of serum or plasma.

Utility in diagnosis and treatment of complex cases

Most patients with allergies get positive results in the tests for several allergens and can be difficult to identify the cause of the symptoms because of a non-conclusive medical record. This test allows to:

  • Clear out the profile of real sensitization of multisensitized patients.
  • Reveal the potential risk of severe reactions to foods.
  • Identify the profile of IgE antibodies of the patients with instant unsatisfactory response to the treatment. 

Thanks to the proteins of cross-reactivity, this test can provide information about hundreds of allergen fonts, in addition to the 51 fonts from which the proteins derivate.

They can also reveal unexpected sensitization or help discard an allergy when giving the IgE results for a wide spectrum of allergens.

It offers useful refined information in 9 of every 10 multisensitized patients. As a result, the optimized effective treatment can be started before, improving the patient’s health and life quality.